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Love in life or say that love remains in the family and home, but in the marriage life, the fluctuations in the love of the husband and wife are deteriorating- keeps deteriorating. It is not a matter of fact that after marriage in love marriage, love begins to sow, but there is an exception to this even in an arrange marriage. But in the case of an arranged marriage or fixed marriage, the percentage of soreness in love between husband and wife is very small, but in the cases of love marriage or love marriage, more than 85 percent of couples love sore. Arranged Marriage is determined by parents or family, while Love Marriage or love marriage boy-girl does it with their choice. Love Marriage is in the intercast or exotic couple while fixed marriage happens in the homogeneous couple. On the surface of reality, love can not be seen anywhere from anywhere in love marriage, because when the question of livelihood comes in front of the emotional passion of four days or when real problems arise in life, love marriage Love begins to decline gradually. More than 82 percent are the couple who married foreign love and about 70 percent of these were separated. I.e. Divorced.

It is not necessary that love starts decreasing in marriage itself. This happens in many times Arzed marriages, but due to family and social status, this is very rare. Understanding each other and living conditions In a marriage or married marriage, spouse also tries to understand each other and understand them. But this sense makes creating different situations during the Rosary or family run. Nevertheless, in an arrangement or arranged marriage, it resolves in some way, Whereas love is contrary to marriage. Separation occurs in the husband-wife. Married couple after love marriage, when it joins family and society, it is difficult to face the tunes of family and society, which is very difficult to face.Marriage is not fixed in heaven, but we translate it into heaven and hell. Whether it is love marriage or a fixed marriage Love marriage also succeeds if all members of the family are sensible and educated.

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