Black Magic Removel Expert Baba Ji

The practice of black magic in India is quite old. Human variance comes in its main category by the tantra-mantra. It is often used against the enemies. And whoever does this is called ‘Tantric’. In Hinduism it is said that the black magic is done by the abhori baba, it is done by black magic aghori at night, which is fulfilled by a special pooja. There are some measures by which black magic can be identified. In Hinduism, if there are three types of Yoga in the horoscope of a person, then understand that the person is suffering from black magic or ghost phantom. In the first house of the horoscope, there is Rahu with the moon and there is no cruel planet in the fifth and ninth house. On this Yoga, the person is at risk of being exterminated by ghosts, vampires or corrupt spirits. If there is a similar situation in the transit, then the upper obstacles are constrained. If any planet in Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars is in the seventh house, then in such a horoscope, such persons are put in jeopardy-infested obstruction or vampire or upper air. If there is a combination of Saturn-Mangal-Rahu in someone’s horoscope, it also harms the upper handicap, the ghost, the vampire or the ghost obstacle. In these formulas, these planets come in the direction and direction, and if these formulas are present in the transit then it should be assumed that the person is very disturbed by this suffering.

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